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Simba Automotives Ltd. is a sister concern of Shumuk group which has firm roots in Africa.

SHUMUK was founded in 1984 by a third generation Indian from a single entity Shumuk Industries Ltd. Now, the Group is operational in 14 different verticals throughout out the globe.

These can be summarized as follows:

  • SHUMUK Aluminum Industry.– Manufacturing & Processing
  • SHUMUK Investment Ltd.– Services
  • SHUMUK Properties Ltd –Infrastructure
  • SHUMUK Tours and Travels (U) Ltd.– Services
  • SPRINGS International Hotel Ltd ( Kasese & Kampala).–Hospitality
  • SHUMUK Forex Bureau’s.– Finance
  • SHUMUK Dairy Products(U) Ltd.– Manufacturing & Processing
  • SHUMUK Springs development Ltd.– Infrastructure
  • Middle North Agencies Ltd.– Services & Distribution
  • Kigali Steel & Aluminum works Ltd (Rwanda)–Manufacturing
  • SHUMUK Distributors Ltd (Rwanda & Burundi)—Distribution

We have a strong hold in various domains such as Hospitality business, Financial solution, Commodities, Infrastructure and Aluminum utensils. Shumuk a partner of Comcraft group has a stronghold in the market and is now entering the automotive industry as Simba Automotives Ltd. to deliver the same quality and satisfaction to the customers.

Taken together, the total revenue of the group in 2013 combined is approximately U$62.0 Million. Every Shumuk Company operates independently with its own Board/Directors and Shareholders. The Group employs over 2,210 people in all its companies combined.

A country which gives importance to ‘brotherhood’…

Shumuk only strengthens that belief of belonging!!

Shumuk’s Entry To Automotives

During the last two years we have been working out to have the auto vertical initiated and now we have people on board as Simba Automotives Ltd. to take that challenge.

Along with KPMG, our team have worked to understand the potential and demand landscape in EAC and considering that we are currently aware of the market dynamics and business requirements. A detailed report can be shared for your perusal.

With the finest and brightest of teams in the country, comprising of management professionals from IITs and top B-Schools in India and a skilful, committed workforce we are on the verge of becoming a vibrant and responsive company. The team, on board is all set to drive the mechanism of self sustainability.